Whether you are Brand New & Looking to Close Your 1st Deal or
Just Looking for the Edge to Scale to a 7-Figure Business
Our Real Estate Investing Mentorship & Coaching Programs are 
Focused on Implementation & Results!

Are you tired of NOT getting the results you hoped for in Real Estate Investing? Are you ready to finally get some personal one on one HELP and GUIDANCE?  Apply Now → 

With all that is going on in the world,
Now is the time to make the shift you need!
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You 
One-On-One To Help You Grow Your Income from Real Estate Investing!
You have an exclusive opportunity to be directly mentored by
Douglas J. Beck & his team at JDL Ventures.
You'll have access to everything you need to become a 
Douglas & his team at JDL Ventures will work directly with you on: 
  • Establishing the ​Mindset of an Investor & Entrepreneur vs. an Employee
  • ​The 3 Most Important Questions & Fulfillment-Based Goal Setting
  • ​Setting Up Your Business for Success
  • ​Networking & Relationship-Building for Long-Term Success
  • ​Lead Generation & Marketing - Know Your Options & Their Respective Pros and Cons
  • ​Deal Analysis for Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, and Wholesale
  • ​Negotiating the best deals with sellers
  • ​Understanding how contracts work and how to hire the right attorney
  • ​Finding, Marketing to, and Building Relationships with Cash Buyers
  • ​Closing the Deal Successfully & Getting PAID
  • ​Systems, Technology & Automation to SCALE UP 
  • ​Raising an Endless Amount of Private & Hard Money
  • ​Leveraging OPM (Other People's Money) to Do More Deals & Use Less of Your Own
  • ​Finding, Hiring, and Managing the Right Contractors
  • ​Identifying the right real estate agents to list & sell your renovation projects
  • ​Selling your wholesale deals & renovated properties for TOP Dollar
  • ​​Fire Yourself by Properly Outsourcing & Building a Team
  • ​Scaling your business to 6-figures or more a year and Much More!
Personal Introductions to our Preferred Private Lenders, Title Companies, Contractors and more
VIP Access to all JDL Wholesale Deals with unlimited deal analysis and support
Direct access to Douglas and the entire JDL Team and priority to joint venture with us on deals!
Private Sessions focused on
your specific needs to ensure
Your Success!
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Douglas J. Beck
This is an exclusive opportunity to be directly mentored by me, 
Douglas J. Beck of JDL Ventures.  You will be in an Intensive Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program working on REAL deals!  

Note: This is NOT Education... we do have EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS available, but we are talking about Mentorship here...

Our Mentorship Program is designed for the real estate investor seeking to SCALE their business and grow a full-time income from flipping wholesale deals, flipping houses, and/or building a rental portfolio.  

We have closed over 200 transactions successfully and continue to build our wholesale, fix & flip, and rental businesses EVERY DAY!

Join our Mentorship Program, and we will get in the trenches with you, not just tell you what to do, but roll our sleeves up and get into deals with you.  

This is what you've been looking for.  This is the program designed for the real estate entrepreneur looking to build a 6-figure or greater income!

Don't miss this opportunity!  Be sure to APPLY TODAY.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

" My name is Robert Raheb from Toms River, NJ. I ran across
Doug Beck when I found that I needed to have a mentor and I
closed my first deal within two months!  I got into this 
business to
leave a legacy for my children.  You have to 
network and attend
meet-ups. You have to be ambitious and persistent. Don’t give up!
Keep your best foot forward and hire a good mentor. "
Robert Raheb
"Hi! This is Cedric. Prior to meeting Doug, my experience
with real estate has been pretty much nonexistent.  I want to
say thank you to Doug and JDL Ventures and the mentorship
program that’s really helped me and he’s here for you guys
as well, so make sure you check him out and watch your
business explode."
Cedric S
[email protected] 
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